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"I’m so grateful that I saw an ad for a low carb cruise a few years ago when I was first starting on low carb for health reasons. I got such valuable information and resources to help me on my journey to better health. We also made new lifetime friends. We went on the last cruise and learned enough to carry us through the shut down via YouTube connections we learned about. This time I will recognize the people we watch and will be able to ask questions in person. I love being around so many people I have a lot in common with and it gets better every year. Plus my blood work shocked my doctor! If it weren’t for the first cruise I wouldn’t have had enough knowledge to keep me going. I highly recommend the Low Carb Cruises, it changed my life."

- Beth - Spring Hill, Florida


I am so pleased that we were able to go on the Low Carb cruise.  Cruises are awesome for starters but to have something like a keto conference combined with a cruise just makes it all better.  I love being able to attend the classes to rub shoulders with keto super stars like Maria Emmerich, Andres Eenfeldt, and Ken Berry.  Not only do you get to hear from them but they are wandering around on the ship, and you typically get to talk to them at some point one on one.  I love the community that we get to be a part of and making new friends is awesome!  

We Love love love the Low carb cruise.  We have done it 3 times now and it gets better every year.  We have made great friends and always have learned a lot from the speakers.  It just feels so good to be with like minded people.  We all have a common goal of helping each other be successful and it is so rejuvenating to spend this time together lifting each other up.  

From a business perspective. My husband and I own a keto business.  We have loved participating in the low carb cruise for lots of reasons.  In our business it is more about helping people on their keto journey and less about the product.  We think we have a great product but more so we care that people under our influence can learn and improve themselves.  We are on a journey together with our customers.  We really like that we can learn from the speakers and take it back to our customers so we can be valuable to them.  We also like that we meet new people we can network with and collaborate with in the future.  The Low carb cruise is a win win win!

- Miriam - Utah

The Low Carb Cruise that we did in 2014 was awesome!  The team shares information, group activities, group travel arrangements, group dining, and in general, just make it FUN.  The presentations are awesome and informative and it is so nice to network with everyone in attendance from the layperson to the docs.  I hope to be able to attend in the future as well.

- Celeste - Arizona


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