Kathy Nichols began her low carb/keto journey in May 2011 with her husband, Shelton. Together they lost over 100 pounds and have discovered the many health benefits of this lifestyle in addition to weight loss. Kathy is so passionate about the lifestyle that she is currently moderating a KETO support group for a local doctor and it has been very rewarding. Kathy and Shelton have truly enjoyed the Low Carb cruises. The best part of the cruise is meeting so many experts and making brand new friendships while continuing to learn more about this fantastic lifestyle. Making friends from all corners of the world is a gift that keeps on giving. 


Michelle is a Certified Primal Health Coach and Human Intestinal Microbiome Specialist who strives to help others suffering from similar health issues she did. Through an integrative approach, Michelle assists people by creating sustainable changes in their lives to become their most vibrant, healthy, and fulfilled selves.

She began her own journey towards health and wellness in July, 2020, after years of unhealthy living and even more unhealthy relationships with food and exercise. The overwhelming desire to help others learn how to change their unhealthy patterns and heal their bodies grew as her journey progressed, so in the summer of 2022, she enrolled in Primal Health Coaching Institute to learn about proper, ancestral living.

She refers to herself as a “weight loss surgery survivor.” Through that ordeal, she discovered her underlying issues with food did not resolve by going under the knife. Having experience and knowledge and making proactive, healthy changes has resulted in significant healing in almost all other aspects of life as well.


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